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Woodworm treatment ClactonWhy is Woodworm an issue?
The main reason that woodworm causes problems in buildings is due to the larvae feeding on cellulose inside the wood. This will leave tunnels in the wood and cause significant harm to the timber structures within a property. Depending on the extremity of woodworm infestation, it can cause a loss of structural integrity in buildings and if not treated can become a very serious problem.

Usually woodworm will not be an issue structurally if it is noticed and the correct treatment is carried out early. However, woodworm infestation can go unnoticed for several years. Woodworm can be spotted by the appearance of small round holes in wooden flooring and roof timbers. Sometimes evidence of powdery dust can also indicate woodworm.

Information on Woodworms & treatmentWoodworm treatment Clacton
The start of woodworm infestation begins with an adult beetle that looks for somewhere to lay its eggs. It can be anywhere in a home from a door to window frame. It will lay a group of eggs and after they have hatched will eat and dig its way into the wood. They can spend up to three years or more eating their way through the entire timber. Then they transform into an adult beetle and eat their way out of the wood to start the whole process again.

Some woodworm damage can be seen on the surface of the wood but woodworm damage can be deep down in the timber that cannot be seen. However specialist equipment can identify the presence of any hidden woodworm even with timbers that are not easily accessible. Once the woodworm infestation is located, a suitable course of woodworm treatment can be recommended.

Woodworm treatment ClactonWhy treating woodworm as soon as possible is vital?

Structure damage to wood
Reproduces in wood
Causes small holes in furniture
Difficult to repair affected items

Treatment and prevention
Once an infestation has been found by our experienced surveyor, chemical treatment as well as repairs may be necessary. We can provide a detailed specification and estimate. Once the work has been completed and upon receipt of payment, a 30 year guarantee will be issued. We also provide guarantee indemnity insurance for a small additional fee.

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Woodworm Clacton