Woodworm treatment located in Suffolk

Woodworm treatment located in Suffolk

Why is woodworm a problem?

Woodworm treatment SuffolkThe main reason why woodworm is often a problem for buildings is due to the woodworm larvae feeding on the cellulose inside the wood leaving a collection of tunnels that can cause significant harm to the timber structures within a property. Depending on the current level of woodworm infestation, it can result in loss of structural integrity of the furniture if woodworm treatment is not promptly carried out.

Structurally, this is not usually a serious problem if treated at an early stage. However, insect infestation may have gone unnoticed for several years. Insect activity can be determined by the appearance of small round holes in flooring and roof timbers, and sometimes evidence of powdery dust (frass). There also may be signs of adult beetles around the property.

Woodworm treatment SuffolkInformation on Woodworms
The woodworm life cycle begins with an adult beetle that looks for somewhere to lay its eggs. This could be anything from a door to window frame, the end of a timber beam or timbers within loft space. Here it will lay a clutch of eggs and once these eggs hatch, the larvae will eat and dig its way into the wood where they can spend up to three years or more eating their entire way through the timber. When they transform into adult beetles, they eat their way out of the wood to start the whole cycle again.

Along with the woodworm damage you can see, there can often be woodworm damage where you cannot. However with specialist equipment, a woodworm property survey can identify the presence of any woodworm even with timbers that are not easily accessable. Once the extent of a woodworm infestation is known, an appropriate course of woodworm treatment can be recommended.

Woodworm treatment SuffolkWhy should you treat woodworm as soon as possible?

Structure damage to wood
Reproduces in wood
Causes small holes in furniture
Products a substance known as ‘Frass’ which

When infestation by Death Watch Beetle is identified by our experienced surveyor, chemical treatment as well as repairs may be necessary, and a detailed specification and estimate will be provided. On completion of the contract and upon receipt of payment, a 30 year guarantee will normally be issued. Additional guarantee indemnity insurance can also be provided for a small additional fee.

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